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Caught in the Act! CD Cover Playing at Centre Stage Playing at Centre Stage

'Bubblier than an aero, with the kind of effervescence that can't fail to set toes a-tapping and mouths a-smiling. If you're a fan of rootsy fiddle bands, check 'em out!'    The Crack magazine

Caught in the Act! Live CD


Caught in the Act! is a live recording of one night's performance at Centre Stage, Bournemouth in March 2008. It captures the energy and spirit of a typical State of Undress show.


  1. Ain't Nothin'
  2. Fantasy
  3. Beyond Repair
  4. Ghosts of Wasted Chances
  5. Morning Glory
  6. When Will We Be Married?
  7. Spellbound
  8. One Man's Poison
  9. Invisible
  10. Sweet Stuff
  11. Jump To It!
  12. Until Today
  13. This Time

The band:

  • Charlie Rose - vocals and percussion
  • Alan Rose - guitars and vocals
  • Samantha Jane - fiddle and backing vocals
  • Malcolm Windett - bass and backing vocals
  • Keith Fletcher - drums, African drum, percussion and backing vocals

Caught in the Act! is now available to buy from the website for £7.99 (inc postage)
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Catalogue number: SOU004

You can also download tracks from iTunes
and from 7 digital

'It's exactly as I remember your performance from the Half Moon in Putney - full of energy and verve. I cranked it up really loud in the garden. Sounded brilliant!' - John Sharp, Phoenix Radio and the Luddenden Music Festival

. . . and a line from each track:
   'I'm a giver, I'm a taker, and you can thank your Maker, there ain't nothin' I can't do'     (Track 1 - Ain't Nothin')
             'It's a stranger's caress that creeps through her dress'     (2 - Fantasy)
                'They don't ask how she spent the day, they don't ask why she's fading away'     (3 - Beyond Repair)
                  'The towns I could have seen , the man I could have been'      (4 - Ghosts of Wasted Chances)
                    'I lie there loving every line etched there over time'      (5 - Morning Glory)
                  'When will we be married Molly, when will we be wed?'      (6 - When Will We Be Married?)
                 'Wanna run my tongue along your honey-sweet skin'      (7 - Spellbound)
              'One man's poison is another man's wine'      (8 - One Man's Poison)
           'I miss my tea in bed and your socks on the floor'      (9 - Invisible)
         'Sweet stuff, you make me wanna sing'      (10 - Sweet Stuff)
       'Life, life, life has grabbed me by the throat'      (11 - Jump To It)
         'Now he's every thought in my head, I've even put clean sheets on the bed'      (12 - Until Today)
            'You may say Iím optimistic, but I wonít be another statistic'      (13 - This Time)    

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