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Ghosts of Wasted Chances


Ghosts of Wasted Chances is the title track for this album. Unlike the character in this song we won't be 'haunted on our bad days by the things we didn't try!'


  1. Ain't Nothin
  2. Kiss Me
  3. Morning Glory
  4. Marilyn
  5. The Lonely Ones
  6. Ghosts of Wasted Chances
  7. I'm Wondering
  8. Song for a Boy
  9. Take me to the Leader
  10. No-one Said
  11. Red Waters
  12. Follow Me Down
  13. Why Did You Break My Heart?
  14. This Time
  15. Arthur's Garden


  • Charlie Rose - vocals and harmonica
  • Alan Rose - guitars and vocals
  • Keith Fletcher - drums
  • Steve Adams - lead guitar, banjo, harmonica and vocals
  • Clare Monaghan - whistle and bodhran
  • Penny Austin - violin, viola, mandolin, bongos, xylophone and backing vocals
  • Simon Crabb - double bass

Ghosts is available to buy now for £5.99 (inc postage)

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