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Journeys of the Heart


We've called this album Journeys of the Heart because we feel that, as a band, we've been on a bit of a journey in all senses of the word. We've followed where our hearts have led us - if we'd followed our heads we'd probably never have given up the day jobs! - but we love what we do and can't imagine being quite as passionate about anything else. Over the last few years we've travelled from Cornwall to Scotland, and from London to Ireland, playing our music wherever anyone has wanted to hear it, seeing some beautiful parts of the country that we might otherwise never have visited, and meeting some wonderful people whose lives might never otherwise have touched ours. We give our thanks, love and hugs to all the amazing people who've accompanied us on our journey so far, and hope they'll keep travelling along the road with us - potholes and all!


  1. The Hangman's Daughter
  2. Rock It
  3. The Blackhills of Mendip
  4. She Rides So Graceful
  5. Second Time Around
  6. It All Comes Down To Love
  7. Wagon Wheel
  8. Invisible
  9. Are We Alright
  10. Wildwood
  11. The Keys of Canterbury


  • Charlie Rose - vocals
  • Alan Rose - guitars, mandolin and vocals
  • Jerry Bird - violin, viola, guitar and backing vocals
  • Malcolm Windett - bass, guitar, vocals and backing vocals
  • Keith Fletcher - drums, percussion and backing vocals
  • Tracks 1, 5 and 8 Alan and Charlie Rose
  • Tracks 4 Rose/Foster/Rose
  • Tracks 3 and 10 Jerry Bird
  • Track 2 and 6 Malcolm Windett
  • Track 7 Dylan/Secor
  • Track 9 Knightley
  • Track 11 Traditional

Journeys of the Heart is available to buy now for £8 (plus postage & packaging £1.95)

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Catalogue number: SOU006

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