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Livin' it, Lovin' it! CD Cover Southampton Beer Festival 2010

'... superbly realised originals, (including) the positively raunchy and extremely catchy "One More Shot (of you boy)" and closer the inventive, grandiose pop-rock and fiddle fired vision of "Red Waters".

'Charlie Rose, has a lilt to her voice that carries with it the salt scent of the sea. Their current release, ĎLiviní It, Loviní It!í says it all. This band plays with a pleasure that is physical. They love what they do and it comes through loud and clear. State of Undress donít merely play their music, they prod and push it along with gale force and the consistency of the tide.'    The Alternate Root
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Liviní it, Loviní it! CD


The title ĎLiviní it, Loviní it!í is taken from the song Mudeford Mood about the beautiful Dorset fishing village near our home which is the source of much creative inspiration. More than that, ĎLiviní it, Loviní it!í pretty much sums up how we, as a band, feel about writing and playing our music. We love all the songs on this CD and hope they reflect the very different sides of the band - from mellow and thoughtful to unadulterated, shameless exuberance and even downright eccentricity! We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy performing them.

Seven great tracks including recordings at the new G-Spot Studio in Poole.


  1. One More Shot (of you boy)
  2. Plenty More Fish in the Sea
  3. Mudeford Mood
  4. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  5. The Love Detective
  6. Country Girl
  7. Red Waters

The band:

  • Charlie Rose - vocals and percussion
  • Alan Rose - guitars and vocals on Country Girl
  • Samantha Jane - violin, cello and backing vocals
  • Malcolm Windett - bass and vocals on The Love Detective
  • Keith Fletcher - drums, African drum, percussion and backing vocals

Livin’ it, Lovin’ it! is available to buy now for £5.99 (inc postage)
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Catalogue number: SOU005

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. . . and a line from each track:
   'Well it makes me scream, yeah it makes me wanna shout'
             'We set our nets deep, then row on some more'
                'And Iíll live it all, and love it all under a Mudeford Sky'
                  'Tonight I lie in a wide open field in the arms of a raggle taggle gypsy-o'
                    'Iíll dig the dirt, Iíll find the scandal'
                   'She dances in the moonlight, you can see her skirts twirl'
              'And the windís howling through but it donít stir the air'   

Hengistbury Head Mudeford Sailing Club dressing room door